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Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium dental treatments have led to the advancement in technology and the realization of beautiful and natural results in dentists’ treatment methods and used materials.

Zirconium is friendly to tooth tissue, and is highly durable especially in the use in molar teeth, and metal support-free zirconium tooth coatings have in recent years been among many patients’ reason for preference for a natural and aesthetic appearance in terms of light permeability.

Zirconium tooth coatings fend off aesthetic worry with their smart ceramics and exhibit high performance with their natural state.


In which situations are zirconium teeth administered?

  • It is a treatment that can be administered under the control and at the recommendation of the dentist:

    In people with aesthetic teeth anxiety,
  • In cases where teeth whitening procedures are unsuccessful,
  • For the restoration of damaged teeth,
  • In small crooked teeth in which orthodontics aren’t stipulated,
  • In coating and bridge applications in molars,
  • In patients for whom upper-implant prosthesis treatment will be done.
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