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Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design

Smile design is the art of providing the face with the ability to have special, ideal, and healthy teeth.

It is a method that adds a treatment or aesthetic that can be realized with numerous treatment methods in which aesthetic dentistry is provided. Tooth whitening, porcelain laminate tooth coating, zirconium tooth coating, bonding applications, implant tooth treatment, aesthetic fillings, pink aesthetics (gum aesthetic), and orthodontic dental treatments are all smile-design treatments administered in aesthetic dentistry. You can attain the ideal smile with these treatments.

The implementation of smile design by a dentist with the knowledge of art and skill can help you meet a happy smile that will represent you for years.

The most important element in smile design is to reveal a suitable design that brings together the face lines, gender, age, characteristics of the person.

Healthy teeth, digestion, speaking, and an aesthetic smile, the execution of these functions with the right techniques produces health results.

Before performing the smile design, the dentist provides information about what kind of course needs to be followed regarding treatment considering 3D measurements for the teeth, jaw, and mouth with a detailed tomography. If the patient has old fillings, decay, or gum problems, areas these treatments will maintain the regions that will be augmented in later stages after fulfilling oral health. When oral health is completed, you can freely smile after having the other treatments performed in which you can possess an aesthetic smile.

Aesthetic smile design is not done in the same method and style for every person. There can be changes based on the face and mouth structure of each person. If the person has health teeth and gums and they are only anxious because of visible crookedness, then a smile design shall be administered with orthodontic treatment options. Or if the patient has missing teeth, it shall be performed with implant tooth treatment by filling in the gaps in the smile.


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