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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are white organs that bite and crush up food in the mouth and are arranged along the jaw bone to help mash up and chew. They can corrode for various reasons, and damage through decay can deplete their group function. Inside the teeth is the pulp, or the nerves. Pulp is a self-fixing tissue that gives life to and helps nourish the teeth. If the nerves in the tooth have degraded to the point that they can’t rejuvenate, a root canal treatment is performed for the teeth to maintain their function.

Bacteria in deeply decayed teeth lead to infection of the pulp and the extraction of teeth due to causing harm around the teeth.

Root canal treatment helps remove the pulp tissue in decayed teeth, clean the canal gaps, and fill it with filling material, and it helps the current tooth not be lost. We can say that root canal treatment is recognized as the last chance for the survival of the tooth.

How Is Root Canal Treatment Administered?

  • The patient’s tooth is given anesthetic to not feel pain during the treatment.
  • The decayed tooth is carefully cleaned.
  • The infected pulp (nerve) is removed, and all the nerves and tissue wastes inside the root canal are cleaned.
  • All the canals toward the tip of the root are expanded and are washed with the help of a solution.
  • The canals are filled up to the tips of the roots with a special filling material.
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