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Pink Aesthetic

Pink Aesthetic

Aesthetic smiles are ensured with teeth that have a white, straight alignment and with pink gums. Aesthetic tooth design is completed along a healthy and smile-line alignment for your gums.

Your gums must be pink to be healthy, and their levels with your teeth must be proportional.

Your first step before having an aesthetic smile design must start with treating your gum diseases. Health gums are one of the biggest elements in aesthetic appearance.

If the color of the person’s gums is dark, if the gums are longer than necessary, if the gums are receding, or if there are stains in the gums, pink aesthetic treatment must be administered.

Pink aesthetic treatment:


It is the treatment of the disease that is formed by foot wastes situated between the teeth and gums. It is performed by cleaning the teeth of tartar and plaque with local anesthesia. A bandage is placed over the gums after cleaning. In this process, the patient must not eat spicy or hard foods and must not use floss or a toothbrush during the treatment process. With the removal of the bandage, while the gums are recovering, cleaning must be ensured with more careful and soft motions.


Gingivoplasty is a method of sizing and shaping the lengths of the gums in accordance with the alignment of the teeth.

The gums are protected with a bandage when treatment is administered. Cleaning must be performed with teeth-brushing and the use of floss in a manner that won’t come to the gums during the recovery process.


It is a method of stimulation to restructure the rejuvenation mechanism of gums that have been damaged because of periodontal disease.

 Crown Length Extension:

This procedure is administered without stitches or blood and is a process of shaping your gums in accordance with the length of your teeth and tooth alignment with the help of laser or electro-surgery.


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