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Laminate Veneers

Porcelain Laminated Teeth

Laminate veneers are a treatment method administered in tooth aesthetics with a process of minimal erosion on the front surface of the tooth composed of a porcelain layer that provides a natural appearance with light permeability at a width of 0.7 mm, prepared specially for each person.  

Laminated coatings are in the desired color and size and in the thickness of a finger nail, and they are administered by being sensitively stuck to the front face of the tooth.

In which situations are porcelain laminated teeth administered?

It is realized with the decision of your dentist:

In tooth fractures from blows,

In the closing of the gaps in the front teeth,

In situations where tooth-whitening methods are inadequate,

In situations where porcelain coatings are done because of decay or crooked teeth.

In which situations are porcelain laminated teeth not administered?

It is not administered:

In people with nail-biting habits,

In cases of jaw disorders,

In patients with dilapidated gums.

What should be noted in porcelain laminated tooth treatment?

There must be a dentist and clinic with aesthetic views and techniques that will perform the porcelain laminate,

The patient must give up habits like nail biting and pen chewing,

The patient must strive to care for his or her mouth and teeth after having a laminate tooth placed.

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