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jaw Surgery

jaw Surgery

Mouth, teeth, jaw and surgery, dentistry mouth, teeth and jaws related diseases, injuries and deformities, surgery is the branch that deals with diagnosis and treatment.

Female 20 years

Wisdom teeth usually begin to take their place in the mouth between the ages of 15-20. In the absence of sufficient space for the teeth, jaws, however, süremeyip, under the gums or jaw bone can remain embedded in the. 20 years can not find a place in the front teeth, tooth crowding, and this leads to pushing the print making. In addition, they are far behind the normal anatomical structure and surrounding gums and abscess can occur due to the easily çürüyebilmekte.

Cases-20 teeth should be extracted

a) dental caries, the teeth of 20 years as a location because they are far behind and often can not continuing in a smooth line for the cleaning and maintenance more difficult and therefore more easy to decay. This treatment is difficult due to the fact that far behind the teeth after çürüdükten. In addition, much of which differ from the other teeth in the root canal treatment in most cases can not be applied because of the channel structures.

b) Effects of the second molar; 20 years accumulation of food particles around teeth often can not continuing in proper position or next to the pressure applied by the adjacent molar tooth, the material loss and may cause you to bruise. In this way 20 years has the potential to destroy your teeth need to withdraw.

c) Pericoronitis; (gum inflammation) 20 years on the gums where the teeth remain partially recessed can develop an infection caused by bacteria which accumulates between. In the meantime, facial swelling, difficulty in opening mouth, pain, bad breath, swelling of lymph glands, and may be seen during fever.

d) Crowding of teeth, the teeth of 20 years can not continue in the normal position, while riding due to the pressure applied to teeth can cause other teeth and tooth mobility in the series can be found in situations like Crowding.

d) Pain, 20 years can not continue in the teeth in their normal positions lead to pain with pressure applied by the side teeth.

e) Cyst Formation; 20 years as the teeth are impacted or partially full when they are embedded in some patients, may lead to the formation of cysts. This will capture panoramic x-rays can be diagnosed by your doctor during examination.

f) Cheek Biting; rastlanılmasa Very often patients can not continue in their normal position in the 20 years the cheek teeth, biting, and often can lead to complaints of injury to the mucosa. In such cases the teeth are already in the 20 years did not see the normal function is suitable to be taken.

Although there is no problem-Why Do I Need your teeth Cause 20 years of burial?

Remove an embedded wisdom tooth problem çıkarmayacağı unpredictable. However, the problem appears, treatment, trouble-free teeth, and more complicated than can be painful. The most common diseases caused by infection with an embedded wisdom tooth pain, swelling in the corner of the jaw, mouth opening limitation and difficulty in swallowing.


After Operation

· Do not touch the wound instead. If there is pain, infection or bleeding may develop.

Should not be chewing on that side with · First 24 hours a day.

· First 24-hour non-smoking. Because smoking impairs healing by increasing blood loss.

· Tükürülmemelidir. Or the clot may move and increases bleeding.

· Bleeding should be checked. If the sewing is done atılmamışsa sterile gauze pad. Clot formation in the mouth should be kept in buffer for half an hour. If the bleeding continues after the buffer is placed in a new one.

· Swelling control. Post-operative swelling of the face with cold slowed and the circulation is prevented by applying a buffer. The application should be as follows: 20 minutes in cold buffer-20-minute break-back periods of 20 minutes will continue to shape the cold buffer.

· First 24 hours, then rinse the mouth with warm salt water every 2 hours to make. 1 cup warm water 1 teaspoon salt mixture is prepared by putting.


Apicoectomy (root tip position to resect)

Apical resection, resection of the root tip, the tip of the tooth root and surrounding tissue associated with removal of infected or pathological process. This process of inflammation and infection of root canal treatment or root end of the repetition of this treatment, although not improve or if the presence of associated chronic pathologies and the area around the tooth is made to restore a healthy structure.

The main aim of modern dentistry, is to avoid tooth loss. Now, dentists, natural teeth in the mouth in their efforts to keep the show. Because, even if a single tooth loss is caused by changes in the overall dental health and a negative view.

To be applied to the teeth with an average 30-90 dk.sürebilen apicoectomy before an operation based on recommendations of doctor of antimicrobial mouthwashes, anti-inflammatory and / or the use of antibiotics may be in question.



· On the tip of the root of the tooth to the bone and the root end of the process to achieve the gum is removed by cutting through the area. Cut the end of the root that was uncovered and cleaned all the infected tissues of the environment.

· Clogged tip of the root canal. Put in place and stitch the gum.

· Multi months later, the bone around the roots will be healed and all the symptoms disappeared.

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