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Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a method of treatment administered for many reasons like orthodontic tooth crookedness in the mouth structure, jaw discord, color deterioration, tooth size disproportionality, and aesthetic worries of people.

Many people’s desire to have an excellent smile stems from aesthetic anxiety. Many patients prefer aesthetic dentistry methods for functional problems due to many reasons such as size difference in teeth (long or short), crookedness in teeth, tooth color difference, disproportionality with the mouth shape of tooth alignment, and missing teeth. 

How is the Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Process and Its Application?

The dentist performs and oral and dental assessment by evaluating the inside of the patient’s mouth before starting aesthetic dental treatment. A decision is made about what kind of course to follow regarding what kind of treatment must be administered by taking panoramic x-rays of the entire inside of the patient’s mouth.

The treatment is specified with the help of face, smile, profile, and in-mouth images of the person, performing a model application.

The gums, maxilla-mandible chin positions, tooth alignment ratios, necessary fillings, and the problematic regions if there are missing teeth are specified, and the dentist provides the patient with information about all treatment practices deemed necessary on a model.

Results are presented that were obtained by showing the before and after images of different patients who had previously experienced similar issues before aesthetic treatment and later received treatment.

The patient gets the opportunity to see a smile designed with models prepared in a laboratory setting. They are notified about what kind of smile they will have after treatment.

What Are the Treatments Done in Aesthetic Dentistry?

Within aesthetic dentistry treatment, orthodontics, tooth whitening, full porcelain teeth, zirconium teeth, laminate veneers, porcelain veneers, aesthetic fillings, inlay-onlay tooth restoration, and implant tooth treatments are administered.

In the treatment planning, the dentist will help you have an aesthetic smile design and health teeth by performing in an arrangement what needs to be administered.

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